Baja Hoodies New Zealand

Did you know that ships baja hoodies to New Zealand and Australia regulargy? They also have a strong following in Finland, Germany and Norway but that is probably obvious because it’s cold in those countries. But baja hoodies in Ireland and Italy? Now that might shock you. The truth is that Mexican Threads ships all over world and have shipped to over 75 countries as well as to every single state in USA.
baja hoodie new zealand
Made by Artisans: Mr Lopez and Senor Molina
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Multi Baja Hoodie Drug Rug

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Mexican Threads Baja Hoodie Pullover

No doubt you have heard young ones call these sweatshirts “drug rugs

Drug Rugs

The fact is that the real name for a drug rug is actually a baja hoodie. Although you will be better understood if you call them a Mexican poncho hoodie because they look like they are made of a Mexican blanket. In fact, the name is even taking over and people are calling the famous blankets made in Mexico by the name of baja blankets. They are perfect for the beach and have a very boho clothing style about them.

The baja hoodie is typically very colorful and always has a kangaroo pocket on the front with a patter than runs horizontally while the rest of the sweatshirt has vertical running lines. You can shop a large selection of baja hoodies online at

baja hoodie by mexicanthreads